Dr. Snehal

Dr. Snehal Shep

Pediatric Dental Specialist

Dr. Snehal Shep is a Consultant Pediatric Dentist working with Dr. Patil’s Face and Dental International Clinic, Nigdi, Pune.
Dr Snehal has an experience of more than 6 years in the field. Some of the dental services provided by the Dr Snehal for pediatric patients are:
Dental Consultation,
Parental/Oral Hygiene Practices/Dietary Guidance, Preventive measures such as Sealents and Flouride application and others,
Dental Fillings/Restorations,
Pulpectomy/ Root canal treatment for milk teeth and Young Permanent Teeth,
Tooth Extraction,
Space Management,
Aesthetic Restorations,
Zirconia/Stainless Steel/Crowns,
Management of children with Special health care needs,
Treatment of Oral Habits and Traumatic Dental injuries in children and others
Complete dental treatment (Full mouth) under Sedation or General Anaesthesia

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