Camps conducted at Schools

Every year Face Dental International Clinic conducts various camps in schools. It includes a diagnostic check up for children, following which the required treatment module is explained to their parents along with dental and diet education which includes brushing habits, overall health improvement by dietary monitoring.

The response by the group was positive and the camp deemed successful.

The camp was conducted at following schools and playgroups:

  1. Kangaroo Kids, Nigdi, Pune on 23rd and 24th  of March by Dr. Snehal and Dr. Arti.
  2. Cocoon Activity School, Pune by Dr. Snehal and Dr. Ashwini
  3. Era kids, Talegaon on 1st April by Dr. Arti and Dr. Snehal
  4. Era Kids, Chinchwad on 5th April by Dr. Ashwini and Dr. Snehal.

Camps conducted at Physical fitness arenas/ gyms :

Along with schools, our team has also conducted various camps at fitness centres where patients were screened for routine dental check ups along with education in brushing techniques, health hazards due to tobacco use and general overall health improvement methods were explained.

Also, the screened patients were enlightened on VelScan, oral screening system as a comprehensive dental check up system devised by World Health Organisation, where it detects the oral mucosal abnormalities which cannot be detected by naked eyes.

  1. Royal Fitness Camp held on 30th March by Dr. Ashwini
  2. Physc Gym held on 9th April by Dr. Prajakta and Dr. Shrushti
  3. Icon Fitness Gym on 17th May by Dr. Shrushti and Dr. Pournima

Camp conducted at MIMER college on the occasion of “NO TOBACCO DAY” :

On the occasion of “NO TOBACCO DAY” , a camp was conducted at MIMER college, Talegaon, Pune by

Dr. Prakash Patil and his team, where they underwent a routine dental check up for the people and also educated them about oral cancer and its threats to life, also how it can save your lives if detected early by regular dentist visits.

Seminar at Schools :

  • Face Dental International Clinic has organised many seminars on oral health awareness and promotion of primary treatment for children of various age groups, where our main target was to make parents aware about the concept of early childhood development. This included enlightening the parents about the development of physical, psychological, cognitive and social development skills.

Also general awareness, prevention, early detection and treatment modalities of  “ NURSING BOTTLE CARIES” , followed by diet consultation to the parents.

  1. Era Kids, Link Roadon 9th August’19 by Prajakta and Dr.Shrushti : A lecture was conducted on oral health awareness mainly focusing on “Nursing bottle caries”, “Diet consultation- DO’S and DONT’S” and enlightening the parents  more about “Preventive Dentistry”, followed by interactive sessions with parents by our team of doctors.

It also included oral screening and guiding parents about the needful treatment required.

  1. TIMES’  KIDS, RAVETon 10th August’19 by Shrushti and Dr. Pournima: A lecture was conducted on oral health awareness followed by interactive session with parents and students  and oral check up by our team of doctors.

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