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How and why we archive your smile without uncovering your identity

Some flaws you can change, some you can’t. We’re told to embrace our flaws and embrace them. But it’s not always easy. Nowadays, studies and technology let us fix many of them. It’s not just flaws; it’s also problems that make life difficult.

As we address these dental imperfections, capturing photos of the process has become increasingly important today. At Face N Dental International Clinic, our focus is on building relationships with our customers rather than solely on marketing. That’s why you won’t find any images or videos on our website that reveal our patients’ complete identities; instead, we only show the affected area. While a full-face photo after a smile makeover may be tempting, we strictly use our images for professional purposes. We only capture images of our patients’ mouths and teeth, which helps us anticipate results, serve as before-and-after references, aid in understanding dental conditions, and target specific issues. This approach allows us to continually improve our work and share it on our website with genuine individuals facing similar conditions.

One day, a young woman walked into my clinic, hardly smiling. When I asked her reason for the visit, she shyly mentioned having a minor issue and asked if I could help. Upon examination, she hesitated to reveal her teeth, but when she finally did, it was a common diastema, a gap between two teeth. Assuring her, I explained she was in the right place.

Despite my reassurance, she remained reserved, seemingly affected by her condition. It was evident she had withdrawn from smiling or speaking freely due to her struggles.

Example of how we click pictures of our patients

Before image of the smile shows a midline diastema

After image of the smile shows treatment of the gap between teeth with porcelain veneers

Intra oral/close up picture of gap between teeth and its treatment.

Recognizing the delicacy of her case, I resolved to restore her confidence and return her to normalcy as soon as possible. I carefully explained the procedure, proposing to take a ‘before’ photo of her teeth. Unexpectedly, she broke into tears, leaving me momentarily puzzled. After she composed herself, she expressed discomfort with having her picture taken. I promptly assured her that it was optional and explained our policy at Face N Dental International Clinic: the photo would only capture her teeth and smile up close, serving as a reference for my work without revealing her identity or face.

She seemed to be getting more comfortable as she began sharing her childhood experiences of teasing, which continued into her adult life due to her teeth, leaving her deeply sensitive.

Filled with empathy, I assured her that post-procedure, she would exude beauty and leave her teasers envious of her radiant smile.

Over the course of a few days, we completed the treatment. And let me tell you, when it was all done, she emerged transformed, akin to a vibrant butterfly spreading its wings for the first time!” Dr. Prakash S Patil recounts.

We, at Face N Dental International Clinic, express our sincere gratitude to all our patients. Each of you holds importance to us, and we appreciate the trust you place in our care. Upholding our longstanding policy, we prioritize respect for your privacy and personal space in documenting our services. Hence, we refrain from capturing full-face images or filming videos that would disclose your complete identity for publication on our website. You can be assured that no imagery revealing your facial features will be shared anywhere.

In contrast to practices where patients’ identities and faces are exposed in videos and images, Face N Dental International Clinic distinguishes itself by prioritizing the emotional well-being of our patients. While well-produced videos and post-treatment facial images can serve as effective marketing tools, we remain steadfast in our commitment to empathize with the sensitivities associated with personal treatments. Thus, we consciously refrain from such practices.

Acknowledging the necessity of digital information, we ensure utmost discretion for our Face N Dental family.

Understanding the natural hesitancy to showcase flaws, we refrain from featuring procedural or testimonial videos on our website. Instead, we provide essential images that highlight the flaws we address, including subtle improvements.

Central to Face N Dental International Clinic’s ethos is our dedication to natural camouflaging. We meticulously recreate the natural appearance of teeth, ensuring that your smile radiates beauty without any indication of artificiality.

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