Face Dental International Clinic uses advanced diagnostic and treatment options to ensure that patients get quality dental services. In an effort to keep up with the evolving trends, we now use digital radiographs that fulfill some of the shortcomings of traditional film x-rays. While it was effective in helping us come up with a diagnosis for our patients, the traditional x-ray method was not absolutely safe for either our patients or even the planet. However, with digital radiographs, there is less exposure to radiation, which is good for our patients and it also does not require a film to be developed, thus minimizing wastes to the environment.

There are several other reasons why our clinic opts for digital dental radiography i.e RVG (Radiovisiography) over the traditional one.

It comes with better advantages which include:

Faster Processing Time
With traditional x-rays, it took quite some time to get the images ready. This is because you had to wait for the film to develop in a darkroom before the images were available for viewing. However, in DDR, the images are produced ready for viewing instantly. This makes consultations shorter as the dentist can quickly assess your situation and give a diagnosis as you wait. Productivity for both the dentist and patients is therefore improved. The dentist can be able to see more patients in a day while patients have to spend little time at the clinic and more time carrying out their daily activities.

Better Image Quality
To be able to make a proper diagnosis and provide the needed treatment, clarity and details in dental imaging is very important. Digital x-rays provide a much higher image quality than that of traditional film. This allows us to focus even on tiny fractures and irregularities that could have been missed on film. Good image quality is also made possible by the fact that the digital radiography machines have special software that can be used to electronically manipulate images for improved definition. Images can be zoomed or the contrast can be adjusted for a better view. A plus for DDR machines is that they provide over 200 shades of grey while the traditional x-rays had just between 16 to 25 shades of grey.

Demands Less Resources
We do not need to use chemical developers with digital x-rays nor is they are a need for film processors. Digital x-rays require a one-time investment of purchasing the needed equipment and maybe regular maintenance. Even when a copy of an x-ray is needed, we will not need to print another x-ray paper all over again. The labor cost for clinics also goes down as it does not take much to develop a digital x-ray. An extra room is also made available as there is no need for green rooms or radiology suites.

Allows for Higher Quality Care
Modern patients are more aware and more concerned about the effects of the treatment methods they have to go through. At our clinic, patients are willing to entrust their health to us since they can see that the equipment takes their welfare into account. Our patients do not have to worry about exposure to radiation since DDR reduces exposure by more than 75%. And due to its accuracy, there is a minimal chance that you will have to retake an x-ray, unlike the traditional method.

Relatively Easy to Use
Minimal training is required before one can learn to operate a digital x-ray machine. With some getting used to it becomes very simple and straightforward compared to conventional radiography. Many dentists also agree that it is much cleaner and faster.

Quick Image Sharing
You do not need to continue walking around with huge envelopes containing x-ray films. DDR allows for the easy sharing of digital dental images. Dentists can, therefore, make quick consultations with other experts in the field without having to physically deliver the films.

Easy Image Storage
The best thing perhaps about digital x-ray is that they are better stored and there is less chance of losing or misplacing them. The images can be stored on a protected hard drive to limit accessibility. Retrieving the images is also easy as you do not have to physically sort through heaps of film x-rays.

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